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Pet Food: What’s the Best?


Pet Food: What's the best? You undoubtedly know that it's best to stick to a diet that emphasizes whole, natural foods like grass-fed meats, vegetables, fruits, and the like. Likewise, the current movement toward "humanized" pet diets is something for which we can all be grateful. Meat by-products, moldy grains, synthetic vitamins, fillers, and chemical

Pet Food: What’s the Best?2023-09-01T13:13:56-04:00

Is Garlic Safe for My Pet?


Is Garlic Safe for My Pet? A lot of people think it's bad for their pets, but it's actually good for them in moderation. Allium sativum, most commonly known as garlic, has enormous culinary possibilities. Many meals rely on its robust, pungent scent and flavor, whether they are sautéed, baked, roasted, braised, or stir-fried. Soups,

Is Garlic Safe for My Pet?2023-09-01T13:13:48-04:00

“Leave It” Training Patience


"Leave It" Training Patience People often use pictures of their dogs displaying self-control as they are smothered with goodies, dog biscuits, or hot dogs as a way to show off their dog having the most patience when it comes to food. The "Leave it" command is likely the most popular command a dog is taught

“Leave It” Training Patience2023-09-01T13:05:04-04:00

If Your Cat Won’t Eat, Do These 5 Things


If Your Cat Won't Eat, Do These 5 Things. An article with Helpful Tips for your feline Friend. It's crucial to keep an eye on kitty's eating behavior (and potty habits, for that matter) because a loss of appetite is often one of the first symptoms of illness in your feline family member. Cats can

If Your Cat Won’t Eat, Do These 5 Things2023-09-01T13:03:37-04:00

Nuzzling: Why Dogs Do It.


In this article, we'll be exploring Nuzzling and Why Dogs Do It. Constantly interacting with us, our pets talk to us. In point of fact, your furry family member is communicating with you through practically everything he or she "says" or does while you are in the room. Some of these methods of communicating, such

Nuzzling: Why Dogs Do It.2023-08-01T14:27:53-04:00

Tips for Home Dog Grooming


Tips for Home Dog Grooming For all of us, it has been several months of isolation, social alienation, and quarantining, and for several months, you have been required to refrain from even taking your pets to the groomer. Your favorite four-legged, furry pet is beginning to show some signs of wear and tear. What steps

Tips for Home Dog Grooming2023-08-01T13:36:53-04:00

A Kitten’s Amazing Adventure Through Life


A Kitten's Amazing Adventure Through Life Within the first eight weeks of their lives, kittens go through significant stages of development that take them from helpless newborns with their eyes and ears folded shut to fully weaned cats. At one week old, a kitten's eyes are completely shut and its claws are permanently set; they

A Kitten’s Amazing Adventure Through Life2023-08-01T13:40:10-04:00

Importance of Carefully Choosing Your Dog’s Name


Importance of Carefully Choosing Your Dog's Name In this Article, we tackle a problem that plagues every new pet owner. Choosing your dog's name. The name you give your dog is the most important signal you can give it. For your dog, the most fundamental meaning is "pay attention to whoever said my name," and

Importance of Carefully Choosing Your Dog’s Name2023-08-01T12:20:38-04:00

The Effects of Harsh Methods in Animal Training


The Effects of Harsh Methods in Animal Training This article reviews the growing body of evidence suggesting that a dog's behavior might be negatively affected by aversive training methods, and favoring instead reward-based training in which the animal is free from stress, anxiety, pain, force, and fear. We hope that this article on the effects

The Effects of Harsh Methods in Animal Training2023-08-01T12:20:50-04:00

Why Does My Cat Cry?


Why Does My Cat Cry? Is your feline companion making an unusual amount of noise recently? It is extremely important for you, as a pet owner, to be aware that the excessive meowing of your cat may be an indication of a variety of problems, ranging from health concerns to environmental stress. What Does It

Why Does My Cat Cry?2023-08-01T13:23:27-04:00
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