Charlotte Kennels believes that a dog should feel good about getting groomed. We have a professionally trained grooming staff. We do not use any tranquilizers. Have you ever washed your dog and watched him race around, rubbing everywhere, suddenly feeling energetic and great? Most dogs love feeling clean. But, if your dog doesn’t, we help them to have a positive experience and feel good afterwards. We apply our positive training to our grooming dogs – using a kind, gentle approach combined with the talent and skill of our professional groomers. We groom all breeds and all mixes!

What does grooming include?

From the quality of our groomers to the shampoo and equipment, we use only the best. This enables us to not only groom your pet but to also closely examine you dogs skin. We often will see allergies, small sores and even tiny ticks that would normally be missed.

All grooming include a brush out, ears cleaned, nails cut, hair between pads trimmed, anal glands expressed, bathing and high velocity drying. Grooming is very healthy for your pet.

  • Ears All dogs need their ears cleaned out periodically. Grooming includes cleaning the ears and removing excess hair.
  • Feet and Nails Long nails are not only noisy but also painful. This can distort the bones in your dog’s toes, and may even become imbedded in the pads. Grooming includes trimming your dog’s nails, and removing excess hair that can trap foreign objects in the fur between his footpads. Foot comfort is as important for your dog as it is for you.
  • Trimming Clipping, hand scissoring and specialty trims require knowledge, experience, skill and an “eye”. This is what separates the outstanding groomer from the merely adequate.

For more information, pricing estimates, or to chat with us about your dog’s grooming needs or to make an appointment, email us at Charlotte Kennels, or phone us at 704-821-1318