How old does a dog have to be to enter into a training program with you?2018-02-01T19:38:59+00:00

It is acceptable for a puppy to enter the Charlotte Kennels training program after the first set of shots. This includes rabies.

What happens if my pet gets sick while boarding?2018-02-01T19:38:38+00:00

Our professionally trained staff is experienced in recognizing illness. If this were the case we would contact your veterinarian, or if unavailable, we would contact our vets and provide transportation. Charlotte Kennels is located very close to a new state-of-the-art 24/7 Emergency Animal Hospital.

What if my pet is on medications?2018-02-01T19:38:23+00:00

We will administer medications at a charge of $1.00 per dose. You need to bring medications in an airtight container. All medications need to be clearly marked with:

  1. Pet’s Name
  2. Name of medication and dosage
  3. Frequency of medication

Please let us know at drop-off if you have already given any medicine to your pet that day.

Can I drop off/pickup on Sundays?2018-07-12T12:28:25+00:00

Charlotte Kennels’ business office is open Sundays!  We are open 7 days a week, 8-12pm and 3pm-7pm.  The day of the week does not matter.

Does my dog have to play/interact with other dogs?2018-02-01T19:37:56+00:00

No, we can tell most of the time who wants to be left alone and who wants to play. Ultimately that is your decision. We generally do not allow dogs to play together until they have been in the kennel with us for 24 hours. This allows them time to see others and take ownership of the run they are in. They quickly realize that this is good and they want to participate. Let us know what you would like.

What if my dog will not eat?2018-02-01T19:37:47+00:00

Most dogs will eat after the initial commotion slows down. We watch very closely to see what your pet does. If after 24 hours your pet has not eaten, we will try IAMS canned food–usually this mixed with a little rice works. We have in the past given chicken from a can and never had a dog refuse this. We will find something they like.

When my dog arrives home sometimes he seems very thirsty?2018-02-01T19:37:36+00:00

Once arriving home it is not unusual for dogs to try to drink great quantities of water. It is not that your dog didn’t have enough to drink at the kennel, but dogs often react to excitement by guzzling water. However, uncontrolled drinking is not good for your dog. So supervise your dogs water consumption when he first gets home. Let him drink for 15-20 seconds, then take the bowl away. After 20 minutes or so, give him another drink. Do this several times for an hour or two, then he should be fine.

Why does my dog sleep so much when he comes home from the kennel?2018-02-01T19:37:22+00:00

That is a good thing. They receive constant interaction and stimulation in the kennel. They are barking, and playing with all of their buddies while here. We do shut down the kennel from 12-3pm each day to allow for some down time. Each dog climbs up in his bed and sleeps during this time. We put beds down, turn on soothing music and cool it down for a nice nap each day.

My dog is anxious when he knows he is coming to the kennel.2018-02-01T19:37:10+00:00

Some dogs get anxious at the first sign you are going away. To make leaving home stress-free, avoid a chaotic departure. If preparing for a trip is stressful for your dog, consider bringing your dog to us before starting to pack, even before the suitcases come out. The less stress your dog feels, the faster he will adjust. You know your dog best, so consider this when booking your dog’s time with us. We know departing from your dog can be hard, but for his sake, avoid an emotional goodbye. We understand this and will make sure your pet gets plenty of attention upon your leaving.

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