Regulations & General Information

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Age: All dogs enrolled in basic daycare must be at least twelve weeks of age or older with 3 sets of vaccinations.

Sex: All dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered when enrolling in basic daycare. No exceptions.

Vaccinations: All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations. Owners should submit written proof of DHLPP and Bordatella. In special situations titers will be accepted. Rabies is required for puppies over 4 months of age.

Health: All dogs must be in good health; owners will certify their dog(s) are in good health and have not been ill with a communicable disease within the last 30 days. Upon enrollment, all dogs must be free from any condition which could potentially jeopardize the health or safety of other clients. Dogs who have been ill with a communicable disease in the last 30 days will require a veterinarian’s certification of health to be admitted or re-admitted. NO DOGS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND DAYCARE WITH VISIBLE STITCHES OR BANDAGES.

Behavior: All dogs must be non-aggressive and not food or toy protective. Owners will certify that their dogs have not harmed nor shown any aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person and/or other dog(s). Please remember your dog(s) will be spending time with other dogs and the safety, health, and enjoyment of all clients is our primary concern.

Other Important Information: Charlotte Kennels must respectfully require that all dogs entering and exiting the facility are on leash at all times for safety and liability issues. Payment for daycare is expected upon arrival unless special prior arrangements have been approved by management.

Doggy Day Care

At Charlotte Kennels Dog Daycare, our staff provides constant “hands on” attention to the K-9 friends in our pack all day long.  Playgroups are fully supervised by our trained staff at all times.  Our ratio is 10:1.

Evaluation is required before they can participate in group play time.

All our packages come with four 15-20 minute potty breaks a day outside, either as a family group or individually.

For boarding dogs we require that you provide your pets food from home.  Due to the variations in diets we do not provide food.  Please pack kibble in Ziplock baggies labeled per feeding.  All canned food needs to have the pets name clearly printed on the can. Please do not bring entire bags of food.

NEW Luxury Suites

$75/night $42/night each additional pet in the same suite See Photos

Regular Suite- 4 x 6′ inside & 4 x 8′ outside

$50/night $42/night each additional dog in the same run

Giant Suite– 8 x 12′ inside & 8 x 16′ outside

$65/night $42/night each additional dog in the same run

Day Boarding – Regular Suite

$10/day cats

$20/day dogs 8am-7pm

If you choose to pick your pet up after the 8-12 window, and your pet does not receive a bath, you will be charged a “Day Boarding” fee on your departure day.  This applies to boarding pets.

Feline Boarding – Includes two 20 minute play times in our cat playroom (individual or family group)

$35/night $25/night each additional cat in same condo

Bath and Brush, Nails and Ears

Price varies by size and temperament – bath includes scented or unscented shampoo and a nail trim – ask about our deshedding baths!

$15 Brush and Blow Out

$6 Ear Cleaning


$45  Evaluation (includes the day of daycare)

$30/ day

$ 165/ 5 day pass ($33/day)

$300/ 10 day pass ($30/day)

$560/ 20 day pass ($28/day)

Passes can not be broken into half days, we do not have half day passes.

$20/ half day (either 7-12 or 3-7)

10% off second dog if prepaid at the same time


Individual Playtime

$10 a walk,  40 minute individualized


$12 per session, as many a day as desired. This is a group of social dogs, same size, and same temperament. They are allowed to play in supervised groups of 10 for 40 minutes per session … They LOVE it!!

*Evaluation required before dogs can participate in play groups

Peanut Butter Treats

$2 a day two milk bones slathered with peanut butter and frozen

Administration of Medication

All medications must be in the original container with pets name. Medications are charged $2.00 per administration.

*Each dog receives (4) 15-20 minute potty breaks each day outside in one of our play yards individually or with other family pet that is included in the base rate.

Holiday Reservation Information

A 25% deposit is required to board during the week before and after a holiday. Deposits will be refundable up to 2 weeks before the holiday. The lobby will be closed for the following major holidays as well as the afternoons before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day to give our employees time to be home with their families. Picking your pet up while the lobby is closed will result in a $25 holiday fee added to your bill.

Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Years Day