Canine Boarding Charlotte NC

Check out our new Luxury Suites for canines!

We feed IAMS quality dog food. If you wish to bring your own food, you may do so at no additional charge. PLEASE prepackage each serving in a zip-lock bag with your pet’s name clearly marked on the bag. Please do not bring entire bags of dog food.

Due to USDA regulations, we can not take large bags or containers of food. All food brought into the kennel by a customer must be bagged per meal and labeled in a zip lock bag. This policy prevents cross contamination and confusion. Customers that have already been following this procedure, we thank you!!  Going forward there will be a “packaging fee” of $4.00 per day to cover the cost of labor and material.

LABEL everything. We allow an extra toy and treats, but we are not responsible for items that are lost and/or destroyed.

We interact with the pets throughout the entire day. We go into the suites with them; we take them out of the suites to the play yard and play with them there. We watch them eat, drink and eliminate. We are constantly evaluating your pet. If there is a concern, we will attempt to contact you. If we can not reach you, we will contact your veterinarian. If we are unable to contact your vet, we will contact our vets (Sun Valley Animal Hospital). We are very close to a new, modern 24-hour veterinarian hospital.

Medication can be administered to your pet at a charge of $1.00 per dose.

Description of the available suites:

  • 40 indoor/outdoor suites, 36 large and 4 giant
  • Climate-controlled inside (4×6), covered outside (4×8)
  • Kuranda dog beds for each guest
  • Stainless steel water and food pails
  • 5 luxury suites