Day Care Pricing

$45 Evaluation (includes the day of daycare)
$35/ day
$ 165/ 5 day pass ($33/day)
$300/ 10 day pass ($30/day)
$560/ 20 day pass ($28/day)
Passes can not be broken into half days, we do not have half day passes
$25/ half day (either 7-12 or 3-7)
We request that you book your Daycare reservations in advance. This isn’t required, but we do have a maximum amount of dogs that varies depending on the amount of boarding dogs in the facility. We cannot guarantee a spot without a reservation. 
At Charlotte Kennels Dog Daycare, our staff provides constant “hands on” attention to the K-9 friends in our pack all day long.  Playgroups are fully supervised by our trained staff at all times.  Our ratio is 10:1.

A Day at Charlotte Kennels Daycare

Once everyone is properly checked in, everyone is introduced.  This usually means a snack and a sniff or two.  Then it is off to the play yard.  Everyone is allowed to play in the acre fenced-in wooded play area.  Weather permitting, water activities will be allowed.  After an hour or two of play time, we will move inside to cool off and settle down.  All dogs will be allowed to rest from 12-2, then off to the play yard again.  All of our friends will be well worn out by going-home time.  Everyone will be packed up and ready to go home by 5:30 to 6:00.

What to Expect from Doggie Day Care

What’s so great about it?

Dogs get a great deal of physical exercise at dog daycare and even more importantly, their behavior often improves with the intense dog-dog socialization which occurs at daycare. If you sometimes don’t have the time to properly exercise, much less socialize, your dog, dog daycare can eliminate the problem of an isolated, bored and under-exercised dog. Many of our clients say their dogs are so happy and tired when they pick them up that they don’t even want a walk that night!
  •         Provide necessary exercise–and then some!
  •         Develop socialization skills
  •         Curb destructive behaviors
  •         Reduce separation anxiety
  •         Develop physical fitness
  •         Facilitate owner/dog bonding at home


Charlotte Kennels Daycare staff carefully screens each pooch before it’s allowed to join the playgroup. All dogs must pass a temperament test BEFORE being allowed in the playgroup. We are proud of our commitment to be the safest, cleanest, and most nurturing dog daycare in Charlotte!  Call today for more details on how to get your dog “off and running” in doggie daycare!

* Food Policy

 For daycare dogs we request that you provide your pets food from home.  Due to the variations in diets we do not provide food.  Please pack kibble in Ziplock baggies labeled per feeding.  All canned food needs to have the pets name clearly printed on the can. Please do not bring entire bags of dog food.