Finally, spring has here! The worst of winter is passed, and with it, the frigid walkies. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities, so shed some layers and plan something enjoyable to do with your dog.

We offer plenty of dog-friendly choices, whether your pet wants to go boating in his life jacket, hike the trails, or camp out in the woods for the night. For a fun-filled springtime outing with your four-legged friend, try one of these things to do in spring with your dog!

Cleaning for the Spring
The elimination of clutter in your home is only one aspect of spring cleaning. Another thing you can do is give your dog a good groom! A lengthy and chilly winter makes it difficult to maintain a well-groomed appearance! During the spring, give your dog a little more attention and care. The upkeep of a dog’s coat and nails is essential to the dog’s overall health; therefore, it is crucial to either hire a skilled groomer or learn how to groom your pet yourself. It is not very difficult, and it may end up being a lot less expensive!


Doggy road trip!!
Perhaps you haven’t been to the mountains in quite some time. Determine a time and place, and get the tent ready! Your pet is welcome to accompany you on a camping trip at any of the various spots across the country that offer this amenity. Although there are many hotels that will allow your dog to stay with you, you should always check the hotel’s website before making any reservations.


Get out there with pup!
Overindulged a little bit during the holiday season, didn’t you? Who could possibly hold you responsible? The weather is getting closer to being suitable for wearing beach suits, which indicates that it is time to begin getting back into shape. But, wait, there’s no reason to go it alone!

Make an effort to devise a unique and exciting fitness program that you can incorporate your dog into. Physical activities such as walking, running, hiking, and even swimming could fall under this category. Moreover, you might include them in exercises such as squats and bicep curls. On the other hand, a game of fetch played in an exceptionally large area can go a long distance. By doing so, you are enhancing not only your own health but also the health of your dog!
You can go swimming with your dog.

For a great form of physical activity, you and your dog can go swimming together. However, regardless of whether your dog is a novice or an accomplished swimmer, you will need to ensure that your dog is protected by using a dog life jacket that provides buoyancy.

When you are organizing an outdoor excursion for this spring, it is essential to keep your own safety as well as the safety of your dog in mind. The use of dog life jackets is essential in order to ensure that your canine companion’s head remains above water at all times, regardless of whether they are paddling their paws in a kayak or engaging in the doggie paddle in the lake.


Go out to eat!
Patio season has arrived! In the next days, a number of area eateries will start reopening their outside sitting portions as the weather continues to improve. If you want to take your canine companion out to lunch or have them join you for happy hour, you should call ahead to find out which restaurants are dog-friendly and plan accordingly. Many of the greatest dog-friendly establishments will be happy to provide you with a complimentary water dish and snacks for your company if they are allowed to accept your canine companion.