In this article, we go over the basic car ride do’s and dont’s.

The majority of dog owners will eventually load up their four-legged friend into the trunk, whether it’s for a journey to the beach or the clinic. On the other hand, it should be noted that dogs might be a threat in vehicles if caution and common sense are not exercised.

have in mind that drivers are required by the Highway Code to have dogs “suitably restrained” in the vehicle at all times.

Whether you’re sitting in the front seat or in the trunk, there are a few things you should and should not do when driving with your dog.

Car Ride Do’s and Dont’s:

Take a road trip to exciting destinations

Your dog might not see the car ride as fun if it’s exclusively for veterinary appointments. Make sure to visit the sites he enjoys as much as you do.

Water should always be on hand.

Even in motion, cars may get quite hot, and long car rides can cause dehydration in dogs. Having a drink on hand is as easy as buying a portable water dish.

Shade your windows

Although these are mostly made for infants and toddlers, your dog might also appreciate how they keep cars cool and shield them from the sun.

Put your dog on a leash

Put your dog in a crate or under a guard, or invest in a high-quality harness. You should see your veterinarian or conduct some preliminary research because there are various options available.

Things not to do:

While traveling by car, do not leave your dog unattended.

On hot days, this becomes much more risky. It only takes minutes for a dog to get dangerously hot, and heat stroke is a leading cause of emergency room visits for canines. Soon, animal hospitals and urgent care centers will be open for the summer.

Lower the windows all the way

When traveling by automobile, it is essential to keep your dog cool. One way to do this is to slightly open the windows so a fresh breeze can circulate. Your dog may attempt to leap out if you open the doors all the way.

Do not turn off airbags.

Be cautious to adjust the seat back as much as possible and disable the airbag on the passenger side if your dog is restrained in the front seat by a harness; otherwise, it could cause more harm than good in the event of an accident.

Leave your food stockpile at home.

In case of an emergency or heavy traffic, it is wise to bring along a portion of your dog’s regular meal on any lengthy vehicle trip.