In this article, we will be exploring how to host an Easter egg hunt for dogs!

While Easter is a great time to spend with loved ones, it can be difficult to find methods to involve our dogs in the celebrations due to the abundance of human foods that are toxic to dogs.

In addition to being a fun and engaging activity for the whole family, an Easter egg hunt is a great way to keep your dog’s mind engaged and entertained.

To help you plan an Easter egg hunt that your furry friends will love while still keeping them safe, we have created this guide.

Step one: The Eggs

Eggs are the most essential thing that you need. You simply cannot go on a hunt without these!

Grab some plastic Easter eggs from your store of choice. Or if you have eggs leftover from last year, even better!  You will use these to hide treats for your dog. Pick for plastic eggs that are big enough that your dog won’t accidentally swallow them and made of a material that won’t break easily. If you want the greatest outcomes, this is the way to go.
Because they are poisonous to dogs, chocolate eggs should never be utilized.

Step two: The treats!

Grab some of your dog’s favorite treats. Now, stuff the eggs with your dog’s favorite snacks! While you’re filling the eggs with the treats, let fido see that you’re putting the treats into them. This shows them that their goodies are inside of these eggs and gets them hyped! The best treats for dogs are those with a strong scent. This is so they can detect them easier when they go looking for them. If it will help the scent come out of the egg better, you can poke a hole in them. We recommend using smaller quantity of treats inside the eggs to help prevent over-eating.

Step three: Hiding the eggs

While your dog is out of sight, conceal the eggs in a location that is both accessible and secure. To know if there are any eggs that are missing at the end of your hunt, make sure to keep a record of the hiding spots and the quantity of eggs that you have hidden. When your dog is not accustomed to sniffing things out, you should avoid making hiding locations too tough for them.
A good way for your dog to get the hang of the game, you should put the first egg in an easy to find location.


Now let Fido find the eggs! When they find an egg, give them high praise and encouragement so that they know they’re doing the right thing. Be sure when your dog finds an eggs that you open it so that they don’t hurt themselves on the ggs

After Fido’s found most of or all of the eggs, then you’ll know that you’ve successfully hosted an Easter egg hunt for dogs!