A Pet Parent’s Guide to Boarding a Cat
Everything that you ought to be aware of and ready for may be found in this article we present to you.

In most cases, it takes a cat around thirty-six hours to adjust to a new environment.
Your feline companion can make use of the “hidey box” that is provided in each and every room at Charlotte Kennels while they are staying here for boarding.

The top lids of these plastic containers have openings that are precisely the proper size for cats to fit through, and they are always oriented such that they face the primary playground.
The majority of cats will choose to investigate their surroundings while they are hidden within their box.
Even if we are unable to see them, they are able to see everything that is going on in the room.
Even among our feline companions that are known for their constant eating habits, there are times when they will wait to consume food until we have left, the lights have been turned off, and they are in a calm and quiet environment before indulging.

We perform a visual inspection of each and every one of the cats at the beginning of each day, as well as again right before we depart for the night, to ensure that they are as healthy as possible.
We do not engage in any kind of interaction with the cat until it has made its initial contact with us.

Although it took some cats up to two weeks to get acquainted to us, the majority of cats are more than glad to ask for food and attention after only two days in their new home.
A significant number of the boarders act as if they have spent their whole lives here with us, even if they have only been there for a few days.

Boarding a cat with us provides your feline friend opportunities they may not otherwise get to have.
There is a sky box or cat tree built into each and every one of our rooms, and each one of them has a view of either the corridor or the playroom.
Even the most timid cats might let out a sigh of relief when they notice that they have a lofty vantage point from which they can observe the world below them.

When boarding a cat with us, one of the most common concerns pet parents have is whether or not their animals will have the opportunity to interact with other people’s cats.
Take comfort in the fact that your desires will always be honored here.

Before making a choice, it is essential to take into consideration the various personalities of the other cats as well as the preferences of the owners.
When it comes to the disposition of our existing border guards, we are never really prepared for anything.

To a large extent, the cats’ remarkable ability to communicate with one another through glass is more than sufficient.
We place the utmost importance on ensuring that each and every cat that is under our care has a pleasurable and healthy stay.

If the cat wants to come out of their room, we will rotate them around so that each cat has a chance to play in the playroom. This will ensure that every cat gets a chance to play.
All three of our enclosed spaces are open for the cats to run around in and explore at their leisure.
Depending on the day, they will either take a nap in one of our cat trees, join us on the couch for a nap, or even help out with the duties around the office.
Considering that it is their vacation, the kitty has complete control over whether or not they choose to play outside. They being more restrained is not something that bothers me in any way.

There is no difference in the amount of experience that any of us have; we are all here to learn, and with each passing week, we gain a more profound comprehension of how everything is connected to one another.
To ensure that you receive images or updates via text message at least once every other day, we will make sure to deliver them to you promptly. You will be able to observe your cat’s condition for yourself in this manner.
During your trip, the one thing that is more important than everything else is to have peace of mind, and our mission is to make sure that you have that piece of mind. We are overjoyed that you have considered boarding a cat with us. If you have any further questions, please contact us and ask!