Doggy Holiday Activities

You may tell that your dogs are becoming really excited since it is starting to look a lot like Christmas. Despite the fact that they might not comprehend the reasons behind your decision to decorate the house with a tree, new decorations, and the constant aroma of freshly baked cookies, they are undoubtedly able to sense the joy. This year, you and your best canine companion should begin some new holiday traditions together. Holiday customs are something that we all look forward to with anticipation. Have a look at our selection of holiday activities that you may partake in with your dog!


1. Put a stocking only for them on the tree.

You can include your dog in the time-honored custom of hanging Christmas stockings on the fireplace. This is a beloved holiday tradition. Doggie stockings are available for purchase at the majority of pet retailers; but, you may also make one for your dog yourself! There is a possibility that it would be wise to wait until the day of Christmas before adding any delicious delicacies to that situation. Considering that dogs have the most sensitive noses in the world, there is a possibility that they will sneak into their stockings when you are not looking.

Your search for the ideal stocking stuffers has come to an end. A single serving of our Fetchers Candy Canes comes highly recommended by us.

2. Donate to the local shelter in your area.

In the month of December, which is known as the season of giving, there are animals in shelters all around the world that are in need of love, warmth, and food. If your dog has any toys that are still in their original packaging but they are not interested in playing with them, dog beds, or food that has not been opened, you should bring them to the local shelter and donate them to dogs that are in need. In order to make a donation that is even more substantial, you should contact the local shelter and inquire about the products that they are looking for with the utmost urgency. The following is a list of some of the most sought-after items by rescue organizations:

Bedding (including sheets, blankets, towels, and so on)
diapers for toilet training
Large bags for trashing
Floor cleansers (inquire with your neighborhood shelter about their first choice)
Unopened food for both cats and dogs
Products related to hygiene (such as shampoo, brushes, clippers, and so on)
Pots for food and water

3. Make Keepsake Ornaments

Each of us has a unique ornament that we hang on the tree, so why don’t we add a new favorite to the collection? You may make a doggie ornament by following these steps and using your dog’s paw print:

1 cup salt
1 cup all-purpose flour
½ cup water
Parchment paper or aluminium foil
Straw/pen for punching a hole

In a bowl, combine the flour, salt, and water over low heat until the mixture becomes firm. First, knead the dough for thirty seconds, and then use a cup to cut the dough into individual circles.

Your dog’s paw should be pressed into the salt dough, and a straw or pen cap should be used to create a small hole at the top of the dough.

Bake at a temperature of 200 degrees for two to three hours, or until the mixture is totally dry. When it has reached the desired temperature, you may decorate it by using chalkboard paint and red tinsel glitter. I took a piece of chalk and wrote down the year as well as her name. A gorgeous ribbon that can be used to put it on the tree provides the finishing touch!


4. Take a picture With Santa!

Children enjoy taking pictures with Santa Claus, but it might be much more enjoyable for their dogs. If you want to capture the perfect holiday photo, you should look for Santa gatherings in your region that are dog-friendly. And every dog should have the opportunity to meet Santa!

5. Take a Christmas-lighted walk

Now is the time to go check out the Christmas lights in your area, so remember to bring your leash, your hot cocoa, and your winter coats! It is a beautiful opportunity for your dog to spend quality time with the family, and in addition to that, it is a wonderful form of exercise for them, and it is also a good opportunity for them to relieve themselves.


We wish you and yours the best merry Pet-mas there could be! Have fun with these Doggy Holiday Activities!