In this article, we’ll be exploring Nuzzling and Why Dogs Do It.

Constantly interacting with us, our pets talk to us. In point of fact, your furry family member is communicating with you through practically everything he or she “says” or does while you are in the room. Some of these methods of communicating, such kicking one’s legs or making a lot of noise in order to get someone’s attention, are less than ideal.

However, there are some behaviors that are beyond cute, such as the way your dog tilts its head ever-so-slightly when it hears your voice (we’ll talk more about this in a bit), or the way she greets you with a highly passionate wiggle of her butt when you get home. Nuzzling is one of my top picks for the cutest and most endearing habits that many dogs employ to connect with their owners and with one another.

Canine companions exhibit a number of greeting behaviors when they see (or get a whiff of) the people they adore the most, and she is welcoming you with one of those behaviors right now. As was just noted, a furiously wagging tail is highly typical, as are other attention-getting behaviors such as spinning, dancing on hind legs, or rushing around with a toy or another object designed to attract attention.

One of the cutest and most considerate ways in which your dog could greet you is by licking your hand or any other part of your body that is accessible and nuzzling it with his wet nose. That’s their way of saying, “I’m so glad you’re home!”

They are seeking our attention

Dogs quickly understand the significance of human hands to their own survival once they are exposed to them. After all, it is the hands that place the food dish on the ground, that carry the treats, that pet and scratch the animal, and that hold the treats in their hands. After we have finished caressing a dog and removed our hand, many of us have had the sensation of the dog nudging our hand with her nose as if to say, “Please don’t stop!”

Anticipating receiving some food

When you are sitting on the sofa eating a meal or enjoying a snack, your dog may nuzzle you depending on how often you have encouraged the behavior in the past. A light nuzzle is her way of letting you know she’s there and hoping for a taste; a nuzzle that is more persistent than that could signal it’s mealtime for both of you, in which case you need to get with the program. It’s also possible that this means you virtually always come through with what’s promised in response to this conduct.

When dogs power-nuzzle to exhibit dominance, generally over other dogs but also sometimes over people, he is demonstrating either dominance or submission. Some dogs power-nuzzle to show submission. If the nuzzling continues or becomes excessive, you can almost always deduce that it is an attempt to assert dominance. It’s interesting to note that dogs with submissive inclinations would sometimes lick and nuzzle the face of a more dominant dog as a sign of respect for its position.

They are worried about you 

Our dogs are incredibly attuned to our feelings and are also very aware of the state of our health. She is concerned about you. In the event that you become angry about something while your dog is there, you shouldn’t be startled if she nuzzles you softly in an effort to console you. And if you’re unwell and lay up in bed or on the couch, there’s a strong possibility that she’ll give you regular nuzzle-checks to reassure you and maybe even try to figure out what’s wrong with you by using her nose. This is because she’s concerned about your wellbeing.

They are leaving their scent on you 

Some dogs have a tendency to be territorial when it comes to their humans (I’m looking at you, Seor Chihuahua). He is leaving his mark on you. In addition, their faces possess scent glands, which means that it’s possible that some of your dog’s nuzzling activity is an attempt to brand you with his scent so that everyone else will know that you belong to him and no one else but him!

Saying hello to a new buddy who is human 

Some dogs introduce themselves to new people by sniffing them, and if their sense of smell is favorable, they may brush their head on their new buddy and nuzzle him or her.

When it comes to the myriad of reasons why your dog could nuzzle you, this is the only one that is completely practical. His face is itchy or there is something on it. Dogs with itchy faces may often try to relieve their discomfort by rubbing their cheeks on various surfaces, including you. Dogs that are still chewing on pieces of food or have water dripping down their muzzles will frequently look for something (like you) to use as a napkin.