Is your cat shedding more than they normally do?

Have you observed an increase in your cat’s shedding activity? In this article, we have listed some of the most prevalent seasonal causes of excessive hair loss in cats.

Seasonal. Some cats experience an increase in the amount of hair that they shed during this time of the year because there are longer days with more hours of daylight. There is often a correlation between the lengthening of the days that occur in the spring and fall and an increase in the quantity of shedding that takes place during those seasons.

Fleas. It is well known that fleabites can cause irritation to the skin, which can then result in the loss of hair. Is it conceivable that your cat has a rash that makes its skin red and itchy? Does it seem like different areas of your hair are falling out at different times? Because fleas and ticks are more active when the weather is warmer, it is especially vital to make sure that your cat does not have fleas at this time of year. Fleas and ticks are more likely to be active in warmer weather. To find out if they are infested with fleas, run a flea comb from the base of their tail all the way up to the base of their neck. If you find fleas or flea dirt on your cat, you should start giving it a monthly flea medication as soon as possible. Fleas can spread diseases to humans. Find out which treatment is most suited for your cat by reading the most recent item in the section of our blog devoted to fleas and ticks.

Stress. Have you relocated recently? How about getting a new pet? When was the last time you did either of those things? Have you discovered that your own personal levels of stress have been on the rise as of late? Because of any one or all of these occurrences, your cat may suffer a higher level of anxiety, which may ultimately result in the loss of hair. Even while having an assessment and talking things over with one of our doctors would be the best course of action, we still highly recommend that you give Feliway products a try before making that commitment. Research conducted in a scientific setting has revealed that administering Feliway to animals can help them feel more at ease and reassured. The active ingredient in Feliway is an analog of a hormone that cats naturally make when they feel safe and secure in their environment.

If None of these things is causing your cat shedding more than they normally do, call your vet and schedule an appointment. It may be a more serious issue that needs professional treatment.