Did you know June is National Adopt-A-Cat Month? Here Are Some Pointers. 

Not only is June the month that marks the beginning of summer, but it is also “Adopt a Shelter Cat” month in the United States. It’s the ideal way to get the summer season started off right.

The “Cat Adoption Checklist” published by the American Humane Association provides the following recommendations for adopting a cat, which can be found below:

-Consider getting not just one but two cats rather than just one. According to the article that was published by American Humane, “Cats require exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction.” This is what is meant by the expression “two cats can provide for each other.”

-After you have brought your newly adopted cat into your house, you should schedule an appointment with the veterinarian of your choosing.

-Before you bring your cat into your home, make sure you have all of the supplies she will need.
Install barriers to keep the cat out!

-Make sure that your newly adopted cat is included in any and all contingency plans that your family has.
It is important that everyone be on the same page regarding the decision to buy a cat.

Your recently adopted cat will quickly feel at ease with you and purr contentedly while sitting on your lap once they have adjusted to their new environment.

Not ready to adopt a cat yet?

If you aren’t quite ready or able to adopt a cat this June, there are other ways that you may help right now (or at any time of year), Some recommendations are listed below:

– Even though kittens are much cuter, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of adopting an adult cat.
Black cats, senior cats, and adult couples who have pledged their lives to one another can be some of the most difficult pets to find new homes for.

-Consider being a foster parent if you are unable to adopt a kid at this time. If you were to donate some of your possessions, you could be able to save the life of an animal that otherwise would have had to be put down due to a lack of available room.

-Volunteer your services with an animal welfare group.  Although you won’t be promoting cat adoption directly, you’ll be making their lives a lot easier if you help the organizations that do.

-Give either your time, money, or other resources. 4. 5 Spread the word about cats that are looking for new homes by posting about them on social media or by having conversations with the individuals you know who might be interested in adopting.


We hope that these tips helped you enjoy June’s National Adopt-A-Cat Month!