No matter the event – whether it is Bonnie’s first birthday or Garfield has gone an entire day without knocking a glass off the table – our cats always deserve to be pampered. This is true regardless of the circumstance. When you want to do something extra special for your pet and give them a taste of the good life, buying them treats from the store just isn’t going to cut it sometimes. This is where our best advice for doting on your four-legged friend comes into play.

1. Concoct some of your own delicious goodies at home.
Recipe for homemade cat treats

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for treats for your kitten or snacks for your cat; making your own homemade goodies is a fantastic way to both save money and give your feline friend something extra-special to enjoy. For this recipe, you will need one egg, 140 grams of oat flour, one can of tuna in olive oil that has been drained, and one tablespoon of catnip, but you can omit it if you want.

– Prepare your oven to 170 degrees Celsius.
– Combine the canned tuna, oat flour, egg, and catnip (if using it), mixing well after each addition.  The ingredients should be able to be combined without falling apart; nevertheless, if the mixture appears to be too sticky or dry, add a few drops of olive oil.
– Flatten the dough balls by pressing the back of a spoon against them after you have rolled the dough into small balls and placed them on a biscuit pan lined with parchment paper. The mixture ought to produce anywhere between 30 and 40 snacks for you.
– Place the delectable delights in the oven and bake them for ten to twelve minutes, or until the tops are dry and golden in color.
– After the treats have had ample time to cool, place them in a container that can seal tightly and place it in the refrigerator. They will stay fresh for seven to ten days, although your cats will most likely try to devour them all well before that point in time.

Alternatives to unhealthy snacks

Tinned fish, such as salmon or tuna, which contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to your cat, as well as tiny amounts of lean deli meat, are among the healthiest natural treats that you might give your cat. You’ll get a sense very quickly for the kinds of treats that your cat loves, so sticking to flavors that are comparable will ensure that they are pleased with their purchase.

2. Combine the ingredients for the cake.

You’ve already sent out the invitations for your pet’s birthday party, and you’ve stocked up on all of the necessary party supplies. You’re almost ready to celebrate your furry friend’s special day! Making a celebratory cake for your pet should be the very last item on your list of things to do. They’ll know they’re in for a treat when they start to become the object of jealousy among all the other pets in the neighborhood and the aromas of food cooking start to drift their way.

3. Raise a toast with some alcohol that is safe for cats.

When commemorating a significant accomplishment, there is no better way to reward yourself than by pouring yourself a drink of something bubbly. Since any amount of alcohol, no matter how insignificant, is harmful to cats, it is unlikely that your feline friend will be able to partake in the festivities with you. However, due to the recent availability of a variety of pet-friendly (and alcohol-free) alcoholic beverage options, your best friend can now partake in the same activities as you, such as enjoying a glass of Pawsecco or catnip wine on a Friday night. The wine intended for feline consumption does not include any alcohol, carbonation, or grapes of any kind. This is the case because, in addition to the fact that alcoholic beverages are harmful for our pets, carbonated drinks have the potential to cause gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea in animals.

4. Shower them with lavish presents.

When someone shows they care for you by giving you a thoughtful gift, you feel as though they truly pamper you. Giving your pet a present is the ideal method to show them that you care about them. There is a wide variety of things that you might do for your cat, such as putting together a cat hamper or searching for an unusual present for your cat.

5. Book a stay at Charlotte Kennels for your felines and ensure that they have a more enjoyable vacation than you do!

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We all take care of our pets by providing them with the essentials, which include an abundant supply of food and water as well as a comprehensive insurance policy. On the other hand, it is essential that we occasionally set aside some quality time to lavish attention and care on our animal companions. After all, it’s they who are the ones that are always there to cheer us up, regardless of how long of a day we’ve had.