Things to Know Before Boarding Your Cat

Both you and your cat may experience a great deal of anxiety during the boarding process.
Cats are creatures of habit and are typically resistive to new experiences and environments.
Changes in their behaviors, such as being withdrawn, going off their food, and often times a change in their urination habits are some of the most typical symptoms of stress that we observe in cats. Other symptoms include changes in their urinary habits.
At Charrlote Kennels we are acutely aware of this, and we have planned our operations around reducing the amount of stress that your cat is exposed to while also maximizing the level of comfort and enjoyment they have while being with us on their vacation.
There are things that you can do at home, both before and after boarding, that will also help in making your cat’s experience one that they will enjoy while they are here at the boarding facility, even though we can take care of them while they are here.

We have come up with some suggestions for you that will lessen the anxiety that your cat will feel while they are staying in the boarding facility.


Stress Reducers

– It is essential to increase your cat’s level of “feel-good” endorphins in the days leading up to their departure for boarding in order to properly prepare them for the change.

– It is recommended that you use FeliwayTM sprays or diffusers because they mimic the pheromones that your cat emits when it scent marks its territory and can help prevent territorial disputes.

– Using cat grass as a treatment for anxiety in felines has been used for a very long time.
It has been common knowledge for decades that cats are drawn to the grass often known as “cat grass.”
The act of nuzzling up to it and nibbling on it gives them a tremendous deal of pleasure.
Cat mint and catnip both have effects that are comparable to one another.

– The majority of cats can benefit tremendously from having the addition of a supplement known as ZylkeneTM mixed in with their food.

You may learn more about it by reading about it at this website: can begin giving it to your cat up to a week before their stay here, and you should continue doing so while they are here with us.

– Casein is a highly concentrated milk protein that is used in this method, and it is responsible for calming the cat.
There is no need for concern as it is devoid of lactose and incredibly risk-free.
It is available for purchase at the front desk behind the counter, and we suggest that you get a bottle of it so that you can use it before, during, and after your boarding stay.

Travel Tips

– The trip itself, and not the actual boarding experience itself, is likely what causes the majority of anxiety in the cats.
As a rule, cats don’t like cars.
In order to make your cat feel more at ease, we recommend that you follow the instructions given in Tip Number 1 on familiarization with the carrier.
The kind of carrier you choose is another factor that might assist lessen the amount of stress experienced by your cat.
It needs to be big enough for them to be able to stand up, stretch out, and turn around completely.Carriers that can be loaded from the front or the top are favored over those that can only load from the front.
This gives us options for getting a fearful cat in or out of the house.
As you get them inside the vehicle, be sure to cover the carrier with a sheet or a blanket, and then secure the seatbelt through the handle of the carrier using a seatbelt.
They will find solace in the gloomy environment.
Playing music that is gentle and calming can be helpful, but you should avoid playing loud rock music.
It’s a well-known truth that listening to classical music can help cats relax.

It is strongly advised that you do not feed your cat in the two to three hours before to transportation.
This will help reduce the incidence of motion sickness.

Put a “puppy pad” or some newspaper in the carrier in case your pet needs to use the bathroom on the way to our house. We are all aware of how much cats adore newspaper.

– It goes without saying that maintaining your composure while behind the wheel is also beneficial.
(we are aware that this can be challenging in Charlotte!)


Other Stress reducers

When your cat stays with us it would help to have an object from home. Keep in mind it’s the scent of something familiar that’s most important, not what the cat will actually do with the object. For this reason, a blanket or piece of clothing with your scent or the cat’s scent on it is a better option than a toy.

If you do intend to leave an item for your cat, please ensure it is not of high sentimental or commercial value as occasionally things do get lost during the cleaning process. Also, please ensure your items are clearly labelled.

All of these are  great ways to help reduce anxiety before, during, and after boarding your cat . Here at Charlotte Kennels, we prioritize your furry friend’s mental and physical health. Consider boarding with us today.