While getting ready to go on vacation, one of the most important things to do is to make sure that they have packed everything they will need for the trip.
You will require items such as clothing, footwear, gadgets, and toiletries.
And because taking our dogs on vacation typically involves leaving them in the care of a kennel, there is one more item that we need to make sure we don’t forget, and that is to pack everything our dogs will require while we are gone.

Before you bring Fido to the boarding facility, you will need to make sure that you have packed the following items for him.
Create a checklist to ensure that you don’t forget anything important!

1. The paperwork your doggy daycare requires.

These documents often contain the following items:

– Submitting the necessary paperwork by hand

– A user account that is registered

– Vaccination record as proof


– Medical records

Check out the boarding facility’s website or give them a call if you have any queries regarding the particular forms of identification that are expected of you.


2. Identification.

Before you leave your pet at the boarding facility, check to see that the identifying information you provided is accurate and up to date.
At the very least, an ID tag with your phone number should be attached to the collar of your canine companion.
You should also consider having your dog microchipped and confirming that the contact information contained on the chip is correct.


3. Information on who to call in an emergency.

Be careful to provide the boarding facility with the necessary contact information in the event of an emergency before leaving town.
This could involve the following:

The name and number of a nearby friend or family member who is able to look after your dog in the event that there is an emergency at the boarding facility where your dog is staying.

The name, address, and phone number of your regular veterinary practitioner.

Name, address, and contact information for an emergency veterinarian in the neighborhood.

A means of contacting you in an urgent situation

In the event of a crisis, the boarding facility will be in a better position to respond if you provide them with further information.


4. Anything that brings back fond memories of home.

You love your dogs, and they love you back, so while you’re gone, make sure to leave them with something that will bring back good memories of home.
This can be an old blanket you’re wearing or a garment that has your signature scent on it.
Because they will sleep with it at night, it will help them feel less homesick and more relaxed and stress-free rather than homesick.


5. The snacks and toys that they enjoy the most.

Be sure to bring along at least one or two of your dog’s favorite things to play with.
Even while the boarding facility probably has a good supply of things, it will be comforting for your pet to bring something from home with them.
In addition, the toys will serve as a diversion for them in the event that they have feelings of homesickness while they are here.

You can also bring your dog’s favorite chew toys and treats, such as a Kong or a Bento, and ask the doggie daycare to give them the reward at the same time of day that you normally give it to your dog. Another option is to pack your dog’s favorite Kong or Bento.
Your dog will feel more at ease as soon as they have a little bit of routine in their day.


6. Food… and then some more food.

If you have ever made a fast switch in the kind of food that you provide to your dog, then you are probably well aware of the negative effects that may be caused by a change in diet that is made too quickly.
indigestion, flatulence, gas, and diarrhea that is runny.
That won’t be fun for either of you, so make sure you bring enough of your dog’s regular food for the entire duration of their trip, and then bring some more just in case something goes wrong.
You can even divide up each meal into individual, labeled baggies to make it simpler for the staff to serve your dog or to guarantee that your dog will receive the same quantity of food at each meal as they are accustomed to receiving.


7. Any and all medications and nutritional supplements.

Several canines are currently taking medications that have been recommended by their veterinarians or are receiving supplements along with their meals.
Examples of common natural supplements that promote healthy joints and digestion include salmon oil, yogurt, pumpkin, and other similar foods and beverages.
Be sure to include the correct amount of dosages for the length of time your dog will be staying, as well as any specific instructions for the staff.

For instance, if your dog need medication on a daily basis, would they consume it on its own, or do they favor it when it is mixed with a little peanut butter?


8. A collar and at least one leash to secure your pet.Be sure to bring your dog’s collar and at least one of their leashes with you when you drop them off.
It is advisable to always send an additional item, just in case the first one is misplaced or eaten by the recipient’s pet.

Do You Have Anything Missing From Your List?

You should call the boarding facility ahead of time and speak with a member of the staff about what is required of you and what other dog owners typically bring with them when they leave their dogs at the facility for an extended period of time. This will allow you to double check that you are packing everything that your dog will need for their stay in the facility.