Boarding Your Pets With Charlotte Kennels. What you can expect.

We are aware that it can be difficult and upsetting to leave your pet behind when you travel out of town.
At Charlotte Kennels, our goal is to help alleviate any anxiety or stress you may be experiencing.

We offer comprehensive normal pet boarding services for all of our clients, as well as medical pet boarding services for pets that suffer from conditions that regular boarding facilities may not be equipped to care for.

Our boarding facility places a high priority on your pet’s comfort and security, ensuring that they will have a wonderful time here, even when you are unable to be with them.

We board both Dogs and Cats. Below, we outline what you can expect for both types of pets.



Before having their food, the dogs are taken on a walk around the yard each morning to our outdoor run where they can get some fresh air.
Their kennels are cleaned, disinfected, and restocked with clean sheets while they are enjoying the fresh air outside.

We take the dogs that board with us on frequent walks, and the frequency of such walks is determined by the dogs’ level of physical fitness and capability.

Over the entirety of your dog’s stay with us, they will be supervised. Both while they are out on walks and while they are relaxing in their kennel.
The evening begins with the preparation and serving of dinner, followed by one more walk before retiring for the night.



Your cat will be fed in accordance with the requirements that they have and the specifications that you provide, so that their routine will be the same as it is when they are at home.

We offer one-on-one engagement with the kittens on a regular basis, including play, snuggling time, and petting (if they want it!).
Throughout the course of the day, the litter boxes are inspected, cleaned, and disinfected at various intervals.

In addition to this, we will clean and refresh the linens in your kitty’s room on a daily basis.
To ensure that your feline friend has a calm and secure experience during their stay with us, the area in which we board cats is physically isolated from the area in which we board dogs.