Cat Treats & Three other Indoor Activities to Keep Your Cat Happy

Keeping their cat occupied at home is a major challenge for many cat owners. It’s possible that your cat is bored if you’ve noticed that it sleeps or eats more than usual.

In order to keep your cat active and entertained at home, consider the following three options:

It’s time to put that cat intelligence to use by playing the Treat Game. In order to satisfy your cat’s natural urges to explore, hunt, and find food, consider hiding goodies about the house the next time you’re at home with it.

Taking some time out to cuddle and play with your cat is a surefire way to keep both you and your pet entertained. You may strengthen your bond with your pet and relieve some of your stress by spending quality time together.

Plan Cat Get-Togethers: Cats, like people, can experience feelings of isolation. Meet up with neighboring pet owners for some playtime fun. If your cat has never played with another feline before, it’s advisable to take things carefully at first. Maintain separate territories for the cats and gradually introduce them to one another. The relationship should be slowed down and tried again if neither cat displays signs of stress or aggressiveness. As time goes on, your cat will come to appreciate and even enjoy the company of their new playmates.

Make Your Home Cat-Friendly By providing your cat with a wide variety of stimulating toys and cat-friendly reading materials, you can make your home more inviting and comfortable for your feline friend. Cats enjoy gazing out windows, so positioning their comfy house close to one can be a nice idea. Provide your pet with a comfortable hiding spot, as well as a number of toys and scratching posts. Your cat will be less likely to experience tension and anxiety if your home has a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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