If My Cat is Diabetic Can I Board It?

Many cats with diabetes need to take medicine twice daily for the remainder of their lives.
How can we possibly leave town for more than a day without our cat missing their medication? We love our pets and want to do what’s best for them.

If a friend has the time and aptitude, we can teach them how to accomplish it.

We can board with our veterinarian if they board cats, or we can hire a reputable pet sitter.

A private boarding house that welcomes diabetics is where we can board.

Which is hence best for your cat?
Depending on the particular circumstance.
The cat must consume enough food between shots to prevent an insulin crash, and we need them to eat at least some of their food on cue in the morning and evening before their shot.
Cats who behave in this way around their owners at home may not always act the same way with strangers.
Cats that thrive at home could need some time to become used to boarding.
Our article from September, Did My Cat Eat While Boarding, goes into great detail on this subject

Have you made up your mind to hire a boarding or pet-sitting service?
One choice was made.
Let’s go on to the next step and see if your idea will succeed.
Invite the pet sitter to your home so you can observe how your cat reacts to them.
Perhaps leave the room or go outdoors while you wait for the pet sitter to determine how the cat is reacting to them.
Try it out if it seems promising!
Let’s bring the cat in for a few days if you decided to board it.
Just to give them a chance to evaluate the facility and see how they respond, bring the cat in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon.
It will definitely work out for a longer stay if we can convince the cat to eat snacks or some other food while they are here for the day.
Let’s attempt a few day stays and see whether the cat improves if it seems entirely out of sorts in its new environment.
Together, we can decide whether or not boarding is the best course of action for you.

This is a straightforward strategy that a vet should draft for us.
Denise is a Certified Tech, which is basically a Registered Nurse’s equal.
She is qualified to adhere to a doctor’s treatment recommendations.
She is not licensed to make independent decisions about changing her insulin dosage.
If we have a strategy in place for when things get challenging, we ought to be able to overcome obstacles and maintain your cat’s routine.

We don’t take the responsibility of caring for your diabetic cat lightly.
You are putting your family member’s particular requirements in our care, therefore we want to make sure we ALWAYS choose the best course of action for your cat’s health.
Please email us or give us a call if you have a diabetic cat that you are thinking about boarding with us. We would be pleased to talk about the best plan for your cat’s needs.