Here are some safety precautions for your pet on Halloween. While many humans like dressing up, trick-or-treating, and attending Halloween parties, this time of year may be difficult for our dogs.

From loud fireworks to a doorbell that never stops ringing to people in costumes, our animal pals may have a sensory overload around Halloween. Fearful animals are more prone to flee their homes. When a pet is under stress, it may exhibit out-of-character behavior, such as biting or clawing humans.

Planning beforehand for your pet will increase the likelihood that they will be happier and more relaxed throughout the celebrations. Here are a few safety suggestions for Halloween.

1. Keep your pet companion indoors

Strangers, together with a great deal of attention and loud noise, can be frightening for pets and promote aggressive behavior in dogs. Provide a place where dogs may take a break from the procession of trick-or-treaters coming at the front door. Catnip or chew toys with a Halloween theme can be used to distract pets from the new sights and scents. Prepare pets in advance by acclimating them to the sound of the doorbell and feeding them a reward.

Alternatively, you may avoid the doorbell ringing by placing a dish of candy at the door so that trick-or-treaters can serve themselves.

2. Ensure your pet has a current ID tag

Opening the door all evening for trick-or-treaters increases the likelihood that a pet may escape outside. Ensure that your pet has at least two pieces of identification in the event that it becomes lost. Collars with tags, ear tattoos, and microchips must be registered with the BC Pet Registry.

Verify that your current address and phone number are associated with your pet’s microchip in the register. Give a lost pet the best chance of coming home by ensuring they have proper identification and contact information.

3. Keep your pet away from the sweets

Hard candies may suffocate pets, and chocolate is harmful to dogs and cats. Therefore, it is essential to store sweets in a location where your pet will not be enticed to consume them.

On Halloween, pets may still enjoy sweets designed specifically for them. Visit your local pet supply store or dog bakery for pet-friendly Halloween goodies.

Avoid dressing up your pet

It may be tempting to dress up your pet, but costumes hinder the animal’s ability to move and communicate through natural body language, such as tail waving and ear placement. Additionally, costumes might lead dogs to overheat. Pets can still join in on the festivities by wearing a Halloween-themed collar or go for a walk on a leash with a spooky pattern. If you have too much concern please contact Charolette Kennels, we would be happy to board your best friend overnight so no one needs to stress about this fun holiday.