How often should you groom your dog? Dog grooming is a crucial component of canine care. The correct exercises, frequent medical checkups, and the right food all contribute to the health of your dog. Additionally, they need regular grooming to stay healthy, happy, and disease-free. Therefore, it’s not the best care for a dog to skip a grooming appointment. Additionally, it’s crucial to understand when it’s appropriate to take your dog in for grooming. Every dog is unique and has individual grooming requirements. As a result, if you are a pet owner with both a long-haired dog and a short-haired dog, be aware that the time required for grooming will differ. Be aware that there are other things to think about when determining how often your dog needs to be groomed.  For the best advice, you can also speak with a skilled and experienced groomer.

Top Considerations When Deciding How Frequently to Groom Your Dog

Let’s look at some of the most crucial elements that every dog owner has to think about when determining how frequently their pet should be groomed.

What Your Dog’s Coat Looks Like

All dog owners must take into account the features of their dog’s coat while determining their dog’s grooming schedule. It is common knowledge that a dog’s coat features vary by breed so a pet parent must be knowledgeable before establishing the grooming schedule.

short hair

Due to the self-regulating nature of short-haired dogs’ hair, owners only need to groom them once per season. Owners of short-haired dogs should have a high-quality short-haired dog hairbrush for grooming purposes. Additionally, pet owners can occasionally wash them with shampoo to keep them clean.

medium-length hair

People who own medium-haired dogs should pay closer attention. These dogs must be brushed frequently to prevent dirt from clinging to their hair and infesting their coat with ticks and fleas. Additionally, you can wash them every four weeks and give them a trim, especially during the hot summer months. By doing so, you can keep debris out of the way and avoid infection.

long hair

Make sure to brush your dog’s hair at least twice a week if you are a long-haired dog owner. Although a dog with long hair requires the most grooming, you must periodically give it a bath. You can maintain your dog is clean by bathing it every four weeks. However, compared to medium-haired dogs, it will require more frequent hair clipping. Long-haired dog grooming requires skill and endurance. You can take your dog to a professional groomer for fantastic results if you are unable to provide the same.

curly hair

Dog owners of curly-haired pets should be aware that their pets require routine brushing because their fur is prone to serious tangling and matting. Owners should be aware that the only cure is a gentle brushing. Additionally, you must regularly clip their hair to prevent it from growing to an uncomfortably long length which makes maintenance challenging. Every four to six weeks, you must completely groom your dog, and at least twice a week should be spent brushing it.


A dog’s grooming regimen may alter as the seasons change. For instance, you need to clean your dog’s ears more frequently during the rainy season. This is because dog ears get moister during the wet season, which raises the risk of an ear infection. You must regularly clean the wax from their ears to prevent an ear infection. Additionally, during this time you must apply an anti-tick shampoo.

You can give your long-haired dog a summer trim to keep it cool during the warmer months. Additionally, you don’t need to wash your dog as often as you would in the winter. This does imply that you will wash it frequently though, as not doing so might cause dry skin and discomfort.

Allergies in your Dog

It might greatly affect your dog’s skin or coat if it has allergies. As a result, you will need to modify its grooming schedule as necessary. While some allergies call for more frequent grooming, it’s possible that frequent grooming can make other allergies worse.

It is best in these situations to follow the advice of a reputable veterinarian since they can not only advise you on grooming procedures but also potentially treat the condition.

Conclusion/ How Often Should you Groom Your Dog

These are a few of the crucial elements that will guide your decision regarding how frequently you should groom your dog. Therefore, if you are a new dog owner, you can take into account the above variables to establish the proper dog grooming schedule. For the best advice, you can also speak to a renowned grooming expert or your veterinarian. Contact Charlotte Kennels for our favorite groomers in the area!