Described below are the mysteries of 7 cat behaviors. Are furry friends have a reason for these strange behaviors we love.

The Reason Behind my Cat’s Paw Kneading.

What is truly happening even though it appears that your cat is baking bread? This activity is crucial for a nursing kitten’s survival because it encourages the production of milk in the mother. The habit cats use to show contentment persists as they age. It’s important to understand that the cat isn’t intentionally massaging your lap with its paws (ouch! the claws are involved). Despite the fact that it is an expression of love, you should probably find another way to occupy your cat.

How Come my Cat Keeps Rubbing up to me?

Bunting is the act of rubbing against your body or legs. Even going so far as to headbutt is what some felines do. A loving gesture, that is. They brand you with their scent glands on their skull, letting you know they like you.


The Reason Why My Cat Enjoys Boxes.

Cats seem to prefer boxes to whatever is inside of them, much like toddlers do. Although we don’t completely understand it, it’s possible that cats naturally love being in a box because they enjoy feeling safe and enclosed. Cats are also amusing and like to bat boxes around as a form of hunting practice.


The Purr of Cats: Why?

Although cats’ purrs are always welcome, not all of them are joyful. Cats often purr to show their contentment. However, cats have been known to purr while they are in threatening or stressful circumstances. A cat will purr as a warning before biting you if it is feeling uncomfortable in new surroundings.


Catnip: Why Do Cats Love It?

For many cats, catnip is the most stimulating substance. Nepetalactone, a compound found in both catnip and valerian, a member of the mint family, has an impact on cats’ neurological systems. Catnip is safe for your cat because it doesn’t cause addiction and has quick-acting effects.


Why Are Cats Averse to Water?

Originally, cats were a species that lived in arid, dry areas. Cats aren’t traditionally used to drinking a lot of water. In addition, when wet, cat fur gets incredibly heavy. Cats are little creatures that rely on their speed and agility to flee danger. They would move more slowly because of their heavy, wet fur.


The Purpose of Cats Playing with Faucets.

But why do some cats play with water coming from the tap if they detest water? It’s entertaining to play with the way the water moves and sparkles in the light. And the water isn’t getting any deeper, so the cats don’t feel like they’re about to sink.


When our domestic cats were wild and free, many of their actions were based on instinct. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your cat’s behavior.