Summer cat grooming: essential information. Summer is upon us! Unfortunately, summertime activities are accompanied by humid days and searing heat. Even with the air conditioner on, the summer heat may make you feel as though it is penetrating the walls. We all dread the days when it’s so hot that even having a cat on your lap is intolerable. If we feel like we’re melting, what must cats with all that fur feel like?

There is a good chance that you know someone who uses clippers to shave their cat if the temperature rises 5 degrees. Is it truly necessary, or are there alternative methods to keep your cat cool throughout the summer? Is your cat truly at risk for overheating? We will discuss the specifics of preserving your cat’s coat over the summer, as well as the most effective strategies to help your feline buddy survive the heat.

Why Is Summer Grooming Important?

Summer grooming is not just intended to prevent your cat from overheating. In reality, cats are unlikely to overheat even without a haircut. As long as you provide your outdoor cats with shade and drink, they should be OK. Obviously, one must always be cautious because every cat is unique. If you are concerned that your cat may be overheated, look for symptoms such as lethargy, wobbling, and vomiting.

If it’s not the heat, why should you groom your cat during the summer?

There may be a minor increase in cat shedding during the warmer months. Regular trips to the groomer will reduce your cat’s shedding and prevent your black jeans from seeming to have fur trim.

However, shedding impacts more than just your sanity and appearance. If dead hair is not removed, excessive summer shedding may cause hairballs. Regular bathing and brushing with the proper implements will eliminate loose hair. This will keep your cat comfortable, as dead hair can cause irritation and prevents air from circulating across the skin of your cat. It will also prevent them from consuming too much hair and waking you up at 2 a.m.

If your cat occasionally walks outside, his hair is accumulating trash and maybe fleas or ticks. A trip to the groomer will prevent the accumulation of dirt and leaves. A groomer may also be able to detect indicators of fleas or ticks that you missed, and may even be able to prevent an infestation from occurring.

Negatives of a Close Shave

Since the risk of your cat overheating is minor, especially for indoor cats that enjoy air conditioning, it is not required to shave your cat for the summer. There are, in fact, disadvantages to shaving your cat.

Learn the disadvantages of cutting your cat’s fur too short before picking up the clippers.

Your cat’s fur protects its skin from sunburn and other injuries. Shaving your cat and exposing an excessive amount of skin might cause sunburn and inflammation. As with humans, cats with a history of excessive sun exposure are more susceptible to some malignancies.

Outdoor cats will be more susceptible to allergies, bug bites, and garden pesticides. This may result in rashes, infections, and bites. If a shaved outdoor cat becomes trapped in the rain, it can even cause hypothermia in rare instances.

Fur works as an insulator, even against heat. The coat of a cat allows it to remain cooler in the heat. Actually, removing all of their hair might make them more sensitive to heat.

Shaving your cat often can result in abnormal hair growth, ingrown hairs, and discomfort, which can eventually lead to baldness.

Leave Cutting To The Experts

If you believe that your cat is heat-sensitive, or if you simply prefer the appearance of a cat with a summer trim, go for it! Remember that in order to safely give your cat a summer trim, you must see a professional. It’s not just for your cat’s protection, but also for yours!

Shaving your cat yourself may seem like a straightforward option, but it may not be the greatest decision. If the coat of your cat is clipped too short, it will lose its insulating qualities. Cats have rather thin skin, therefore it is easy to nick them while attempting to trim them.

Dealing with a writhing cat while attempting to cut its fur is not for the faint of heart. Without the proper knowledge and tools, your cat might become bald, and you will likely be covered in scratches.

A competent groomer will be able to give your cat a stylish summer cut while preserving its defensive properties. A competent groomer has the proper equipment and training to give your cat a precise trim that allows air to reach its skin while keeping enough hair to function as an insulating layer that retains air.

Safe Summer Grooming

So, what should a summertime grooming regimen entail? Avoid a do-it-yourself shave and follow these suggestions to keep your cat looking and feeling stylish all summer long.

Brush your cat a minimum of twice each week. Depending on their hair length, you may need to brush them more frequently. This avoids matting and reduces shedding.

Remember to administer flea and tick preventatives to your cat. Even indoor cats can be susceptible, and it might take months to eliminate an infection once it has begun.

Maintain frequent grooming visits to maintain your cat’s coat clipped and neat. Even if you decide against getting your cat’s fur cropped, a wash and brushing will reduce shedding. Contact Charlotte Kennels if you have a summer v-k planned and need a safe comfortable environment to house your feline friend.