Here are some tips on keeping your dog active in the cold weather. Winter is still here, and while the temperature is falling, your dog’s exercise routine should not. Whether it’s too cold for your dog to go for a daily walk or it’s simply too much work, your dog still has to get enough exercise!

When your dog does not expend all of his stored energy on a daily basis, it can have negative consequences for both his physical and emotional health. Dogs may become sluggish and sleepy, which can lead to fat or restlessness in the pet, as well as odd and unwanted behavior.

If the temperature in your area continues to drop and you or your dog don’t want to battle the cold, here are some methods to keep your dog active even in the bad weather!

Games on the Stairs

If your house has a flight of stairs, use them for a couple of rounds of fierce fetch! Toss your dog’s favorite toy in the air and have them return it to you. This will not only exhaust your dog, but it will also burn a lot of calories.


Pet-safe toys are a simple and practical way to keep your dog occupied when indoors. Introduce a new toy on a regular basis or rotate your dog’s toys to keep them occupied to maintain their interest high. Food or treat-dispensing toys are becoming more popular since they maintain a dog’s attention for longer periods of time because they know a reward is on the way. Remember that every treat adds calories to your pet’s diet. Please consult your veterinarian before making any significant changes to your dog’s food.

Hide and Seek is a fun game to play

Tell your dog to remain put. Then get out of there and hide somewhere in your house. When you’ve discovered the proper position, yell their name with vigor. Keep calling them until they come to find you, and when they do, shower them with affection and praise. This game can also be played with dogs who have never been taught to stay. Until you can hide, have a family member keep them in place. This game is not only a fun method to keep your dog active, but it also builds your relationship with him!

Make plans for a play date

Invite some of your dog’s canine pals over for a play date. This will undoubtedly keep them occupied and entertained since nothing beats spending time with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever)!

Playing Outside

Playing in the snow with your dog can be a lot of fun and a terrific way to get rid of some of their pent-up energy! If you let your dog play outside, keep an eye on their paw pads for any cracking or bleeding. Sidewalks and pathways can be icy and slippery, and the rock salt used to enhance traction might cause irritation to your dog’s paws. Check your dog’s paws for debris or ice buildup after each walk and clean them down with a warm, damp towel when they get home. Keeping the hair between their pads clipped will help prevent ice buildup, which will irritate your dog even more.

Daycare for Dogs

Want a more effective way to provide your dog with the exercise and socialization he or she requires? Give your dog a fun-filled day of playtime at our doggy daycare. They’ll have a great time socializing with other dogs, interacting with our kind and well-trained staff, getting enough exercise, and, most importantly, burning off all their pent-up energy. You’ll adore coming home to a tired and happy dog after a long day of play. Contact us for more information today!