Here at Charlotte Kennels, we prioritize your dog’s scent in their quality care. The sense of smell in a dog is 10,000 to 100,000 times that of a human. Did you know that dogs have 100 million sensory receptor sites in their nasal cavity compared to just 6 million in humans? That’s a significant distinction! Your dog learns about other dogs’ personalities, moods, health, and ages by using their sense of scent. They also utilize their sense of smell to learn about dogs who have left their scent on adjacent trees and sidewalks. In addition, their scent aids in identifying other dogs in the vicinity.

Dogs have such a keen sense of smell that they can identify a single substance at a concentration of one part in a trillion. To put it another way, this is the equivalent of a dog being able to detect a single drop of water in a pool the size of 20 Olympic pools. When meeting new people, sniffing is considered small talk, and it’s crucial for a new dog to feel at ease. When it comes to keeping dogs safe, healthy, and happy in the playroom, we consider their extraordinary smell talents.

Dog Scent in Relation to Doggy Daycare

A dog’s first visit to a doggy daycare center may be stressful. We allow dogs to continue exploring and familiarizing themselves with the lobby or kennel yards.  This allows canines to get to know one another before meeting in the play areas.

Anxious dogs may use scent to relax. Our Staff is taught to watch for symptoms of tension and anxiety in dogs that are constantly sniffing. Scent is a way for dogs to detect disease in other canines. If a dog appears to be getting a lot of sniffing from other dogs, it could mean the canine needs to see the vet.

Pet owners may be anxious that their dog would learn unpleasant behaviors and bring them home with them, such as peeing in the kennels. This is not the case, as we are glad to announce. Doggy daycares have the equivalent smell of a dog park, but a dog’s home environment smells quite different. Your dog will distinguish one as a play area where they are allowed to relieve themselves, and the other as their home where they are not. As a result, your dog will not use your house as a bathroom.

At Charlotte Kennels, dogs enjoy sniffing and socializing with other dogs! Perhaps they’ll run into their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever)! Meanwhile, you can rest assured that your best friend is in good hands!