NEW Luxury Suites

$49/night $20/night each additional pet in the same suite – See Photos

Regular Boarding Large Run

$29/night $20/night each additional dog in the same run

Regular Boarding Giant Run

$46/night $20/night each additional dog in the same run

Day Boarding

$17/day 8am-6pm

Feline Boarding

$19/night $11/night each additional cat in same condo

Bath and Brush, Nails and Ears

$15 – $60 depending on weight and thickness of coat

Individual Playtime

$9.50 a walk, 15 – 20 minute individualized


$9.50 per session, as many a day as desired. This is a group of social dogs, same size, and same temperament. They are allowed to play in supervised groups of 10 for 30 minutes per session … They LOVE it!!

Peanut Butter Treats

$1 a day two milk bones slathered with peanut butter and frozen

Administration of Medication

$1 per dose. All medication is to be in its original container.

Please note: There will be an additional $5/day charge for food from home that is not prepackaged by the day, (i.e., zip-locs). Each package is to be labeled with pets name.